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Blooms For Every Important Occasion

When it comes to occasions or important days, giving a beautiful bouquet is not a surprise. Not only are they popular as gifts, but also as decorative items for events that are happy, sad and anything in-between. But with the amount and types of blooms that are in the market, it is sometimes difficult to pick the right ones.
Because of this difficulty, industry specialists and Gold Coast flower delivery have come up with a guideline or set of helpful tips to make it easy for individuals to pick what is right depending on the occasion and the person.

Birthdays: if it is for a close friend it is suggested that a friendly and a happy colour such as yellow be selected, such as tulips or lilies. Of course if it is the significant other then the recommendation is to go for a rose or a marigold. There are also specific flowers for each month as well such as primrose for January & daffodils for March.

First date: one should not appear too intimidating or pushy during the first date, so experts suggest a milder option such as dandelions, or orchids in lighter shades. However if a couple has been going on steady for a longer period of time, then nothing beats a good old rose.

Valentine’s Day: when it comes to this day, red roses are what come to mind, however there are quite a bit of other options available. It is suggested that pink and yellow also can be used, however correctly. Yellow on its own should not be used, however a yellow and red mixed rose can signify both love and joy. Lavender and purple flower arrangements are also great as they signify excitement and joy that come in a new relationship.

Times of sickness: another occasion flowers are used in is for patients in hospitals or those recovering at home. Since hospital time can be dreary sometimes it is always good to add a bit of colour and liveliness by taking bouquets of irises or tulips. However make sure that the individuals are not allergic to any pollen as it can be very dangerous. Some hospitals have policies to limit natural flower bouquets in Gold Coast from being brought in as well. So one has to be careful in such situations.

Funerals: these are very sad times for families and their loved ones, therefore choosing flowers that denote love and respect is a must. Larger clusters of chrysanthemum and lilies are the most recommended.

Weddings: the flowers usually selected for this occasion are mostly determined by the taste of the couple. Some opt for lilies while others go for white roses. When it comes to anniversaries of course it all comes down to the number of years. If it is a five year anniversary the recommended flower is a daisy while twenty-five years are depicted by irises.
The options really are endless, but you will have to check on seasonal and non seasonal flowers when it comes to picking the right ones for the occasion.